Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fetish First Aid this Tuesday, March 29

Martini Entertainment, the Submissive Union and Darkadia Sim present "Fetish First Aid".

Come in your favorite naughty nurse, dominant doctor or pouting patient (or anything else medical related) and compete for the $250 prize for best Medical Deviant! Plus the usual legal sploder, trivia, and more fun as DJ Vanni plays her mix of industrial, goth, rock, and whatever else comes to mind! See you at 7PM this Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


And here is a third outfit from our Entangled collection - the very yummy Kitteh.

Purrfect for when you need that special outfit for your pet or to be a pet. Skintight and providing an owner with access to the fun bits, this lovely polished black latex suit comes with ears, a tail plug, mittens and lockable ballet boots.  All that's missing is a ball of yarn to play with :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Latex Web Pictures on Flickr

Latex Web Inc has a wonderful group ( on Flickr for sharing pictures. These pictures include not just ones from us, but also some from all of you. Here are some of the ones you have chosen to share.

Please continue to share your pictures and thank you for loving our clothes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outfit Updates - March 20, 2011

Just a few notes as the weekend ends.

- In response to consumer demand, we have lowered the price of our Snowdrift outfit to L$350!  Perfect for when you want to sparkle :)

 - We are also enclosing some pictures to highlight how our SeiRei and Sakura SeiRei outfits are already compatible with most popular implants - great news for our busty fans

Latex Silks

Remember when you had to choose between wearing either silks or latex?  Well not any more!!

Our delicious Latex Silks outfit gives you the best of both.  This lovely shiny textured latex silks comes with bra, panties, gloves, socks and prim drapes.  When you need to stand out kneeling before your One, this outfit will help you shine.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Announcing Sleekbound, Latex Web's first set combining two outfits and offering our customers a discount. 

This set combines both The Katsuit and Kerchiefs to help you achieve a fun sleek & aerodynamic look.  This combined look will make you the envy of those resigned to wearing bulky outfits.  The Katsuit is made out of black latex that thins just enough in places to hint at what lies beneath. Moreover, the Katsuit is ready made to fit busty women.  In addition, this set includes Latex Web's new Kerchief (this kerchief is RLV lockable and uses a unique script that accesses the viewer's environment settings to blur and blind you when locked).  Save L$100 when buying set.

Hidden Agenda

Now we have another outfit from our Entangled collection - Hidden Agenda.

Perfect for when you need to keep your identity a secret, this polished black latex outfit both hides and reveals one's special attributes.  For a wonderful extra, Hidden Agenda comes with sexy braided latex hair.

 As with Ellipse, this outfit is equiped to handle those with enhanced attributes.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


*gasp* Seems like the anti-latex forces are out to stop us! *giggles*

Let's do what we can to spread the gospel of latex attire. Remember - Keep it Fun, Keep it Latex!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Next up in our series describing Latex Web's offerings, and the first from our Entangled collection, is Ellipse.

Designed in skin tight all black latex, it also has selective translucent spots to help show off some of your more interesting assets.  The hobble skirt ensures you keep to a modest pace and gait so that your hips can do your talking for you (this is really fun if you add hobble walks to your AO). 

Lastly, this outfit is one of our first to come with an implant option for those of you with extra endowments.  All in all, Ellipse is a fantastic addition to anyone's latex wardrobe which has quickly skyrocketed to be one of our best sellers.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Fetish pics

More green than you can imagine here with shamrocks and Guinness everywhere :)  Great turnout tonight and here are some pictures for all of you.

Click here to see the pictures in Flickr


Third up in our series describing current Latex Web outfits is the sexy and strong Shagtastic.

Perfect for when you need to look fantastic, this dominating and highly polished latex outfit comes with a harness top, corset, socks and gloves.  Put this on and pets will be slavishly following behind you.

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Latex Web Inc, in association with vendors and designers across Second Life, is participating in the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

From March 16 through April 10, Latex Web Inc will be donating 100% of sales made at the Fundraising location.  100% of all money raised at PCF will go to the charity Americares. Land was donated by Glam Affair and all volunteers are giving their time without charge.

The PCF will be taking place at the Glam Affair land and our booth is located here.

We will also be hosting a tip jar tied to the charity at our main store.  Please give what you can.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick's Fetish Event, Tuesday 3/15

Will the luck of the Irish help you get the spanking you deserve?  Or will the Ides leave you bound and trapped?

Come to Darkadia in your best fetish gear with an Irish twist and compete for the Best Dominant in Green or Best Irish Sub/Slave contests!  $250L each will be on the boards,  plus the usual legal sploder and more fun as DJ Vanni spins the lovely gaelic tunes!  See you Tuesday, March 15 in Darkadia at 7PM!

And remember to check out our new blog

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Next up on our tour of Latex Web Inc outfits is the popular and best-selling SeiRei outfit.

This outfit is made up of strategically placed latex straps to both hug and provide definition to the beauty that is the female body.

Inspired by Ero Ero 2 by Singaporean artist Kunkka, it comes with flowing sleeves, gloves, stockings, a hobble skirt, a viewer 2 tattoo layer hood and a unique prim headpiece. Thank you to Darien Caldwell for the use of her wonderful blindfold in the headpiece in this outfit.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Support the Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Relief with Linden Dollars

Support the Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Relief with Linden Dollars

Please check this out and do what you can to help victims.

Latex for the top heavy

If you're a healthy endowed girl, you know how hard it can be to find clothing that fits.  Latex Web is here to help!!

Three of our best sellers - Ellipse, Hidden Agenda and Katsuit - are available with implant appliers for eCorp and Lalas with more to come soon. So if you're looking for fetish wear for the top heavy, Latex Web is here to serve your needs.

Black Latex Kimono

We wanted to begin describing some of our outfits to all of you and what better way to start than with one of our perennial best sellers, the Black Latex Kimono.

It's no wonder, really, that this outfit is one of top sellers.  A perfect entrée to our line, this is our latex interpretation of a traditional Japanese kimono.  A cross between komon and furisode styles, this shiny black latex is great casual wear around Second Life.  Suitable for latex lovers, Dominants and submissives, it comes with prim Obi (belt/sash), Sode (long sleeves), and Geta (shoes).  As an added bonus, we've included a set of Kanzashi hairpins.

So, whether you're simply hanging out at home, going out shopping, or want to stand out and shine in a club, what better way to feel comfortable than by wearing this wonderful kimono.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who and What is Latex Web

Latex Web Inc. is design house based primarily on bringing an Asian, principally Japanese, themed line of fun, latex couture and everyday wear to Second Life.  Our line has items for those who simply love latex as well as for Dominants and submissives.  We also work to incorporate support for Restrained Life (RLV) in many of our outfits.  Lastly, given demand, we now have begun including support for implant appliers so as to give our customers who are top heavy more options.

Our main store is located in Darkadia sim, home to the Clan of the Latex Web and Le Fétiche club, inside the Clan's castle.  We host many events there to support both our own community and the broader SL latex and fetish community.  We have branches across Second Life including:

Virrat: Latex Web Inc. Moderate Virrat Store
Blokksberg: home of deviant & bizarre
Spelonga: Ashpodele Main Shop
Pheadra: Busty Village Mall
Fetish VooDoo: Latexia II - Home of the Latex Dolls
Click here for pictures of our store fronts.

And, most recently, we opened a store front in Second Life Marketplace.

Our next few posts will detail various outfits that are part of our existing line.  We will also provide updates here on events as they come up along with in-store promotions.

Remember - Keep it Fun, Keep it Latex.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to Latex Web Inc's New Blog

Welcome to Latex Web's new home on the web.  Here we'll be posting news about new releases from the store, promotions, upcoming events, and anything else that strikes our fancy. Please sign up to follow our blog and join our community.

Remember - Keep it Fun, Keep it Latex.

Latex Web Inc. 

Sasaya Seidler
Tunturia Tolsen
Mariko Nijan
Mandy Nijan-Tolsen