Monday, December 17, 2012

Restrained Love

Restrained Love Hello there,

After months of stalling, here is the latest version of the RLV at last. As I indicated here, I had to revert the version of the RLV from down to, because the former was simply unusable for a builder. It all came down to one reason only : the introduction of the Pathfinding feature in the SL code base, which broke a lot of things !

It took months for Linden Lab to fix the bugs one by one, and thanks to Lance Corrimal, the source code of the RLV was kept up to date !

So here it is, with precisely no improvement on the RLV side, but a lot of improvement on the SL side. Now you can keep "Lighting and Shadows" on at all times ! No sudden crash (or very few), no texture corruption, no weird edit bug, and a lot of other things have been improved as well. I couldn't keep track of all that has been done, but it looks like the Friends List and the Group List load much faster now. It also seems to be able to handle large amounts of texture on Ultra without crashing (such as in crowded places, for example).

It overall feels snappier and more stable.

The only problem I had with it was my back tattoo... it was causing a lot of issues such as refusing to bake my skin and refusing to hide my feet when wearing shoes (but not all of them, go figure). Other tattoos are fine, but I just can't wear that one for the moment. Weird. So if you have issues when baking your skin that rebaking doesn't solve, you may want to find out which part of your avatar texture is causing the issue.

Grab the viewer here :

And the MD5 hash for the Windows installer is

Have fun !

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gwen Hood and Plug Gag

Alternate set title - Slut on a Stick :)

A slutty set to show some of the fetish possibilities of Latex Web Inc's Gwen Hood and Gwen plug gag. Here, I've combined those with LWI's Hidden Agenda outfit, a perfect match for this hood and plug (please note that the Hidden Agenda outfit is i-Ready for prim breasts). You can find the full set at:

Hope you enjoy these :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Calling All Naiads!

Mai Nijan has installed a beautiful large tank in the middle of the new store with an invitation to all  who may be mer-curious to try becoming an Darkadian Naiad. 

Darkadia is a beautiful and ever-changing place. One of my favourite things to do is to take pictures of friends and strangers in the midst of it.

I logged into Darkadia and noticed that my friend, Sally the Mermaid was online. I know that Sally has all things mermaid, including a great deal of LWI latex and I know she loves posing. I don't shoot enough of her, and I knew we needed naiad images.
(And yes, that DOES mean there are new naiad products in the LWI pipeline!)

summoned her to play and pulled a profile image out of the results. It seemed the least I could do for an hour of being relatively unmolested - which is not exactly what she comes to SL for. And I liked the outcome well enough to do another.

I looked through the shots that I'd taken more or less randomly through the lag and the random actions of our AO's ... and I found something else worth working with. It was good enough to sign my name to, I think. And there are probably more. Indeed, I really must go through the images I have shot at Darkadia over the years, put them on prims and box them up. One of the things I really dislike is walking into a home or a club and seeing some badly-stolen photo or painting on the wall when it should be easy to find art and photography made in second life to fit Second Life.

I have a rather short list of place I go to make artwork. It needs to be adult, for one, for I loathe having to think about nudity while shooting. Naughty bits may be seen as outfits are changed right on the poseballs or the pose huds and it's time consuming enough without dancing around the prudes of SL. And I do like it to be kink-friendly, but more importantly, it must be beautifully made. Even if it's grungy and scary looking - I do need those too. But what I lack the most at the moment are wonderful pastoral locations.

It's difficult to keep track of beautiful places to take pictures of beautiful things, for places come and go. I would appreciate it very much if you would suggest a place to shoot. I shall make a point to go and look, and it may well become an artwork, or go into my collection of teleportals and artwork on display at Brigadoon Station. Or you can find my portal art venders at Darkadia, just where you teep in - and a portion of all proceeds goes to support the sim.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lolas Tangos and Mainstream SL

Blog post from Maggie Bluxome, reposted here.

Lolas Tangos and Mainstream SL:
One thing I am noticing is the number of stores who have never been in the prim breast market, suddenly enter with support for the Lolas Tangos.
This is interesting as it seems the greater SL world is taking notice.
In fact, the Tangos were featured in an article (thank you Melissa for pointing this out) on New World News, a leading SL web site that discusses the daily ongoing of our virtual world.
Come take a look at the discussion of prim breasts on a slightly more serious note.
SLers Love Mesh Hands, Mesh Feet, Mesh Heads... Why Not Mesh Breasts?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Second Life Fetish Fashion Guide: Latex Web Inc. - Latex Gown 2.0 and Lil’ Black Dre...

A review of two of our recent outfits from the ladies over at Second Life Fetish Fashion Guide :)

Second Life Fetish Fashion Guide: Latex Web Inc. - Latex Gown 2.0 and Lil’ Black Dre...: Deirdre: Some nice shiny dresses from Latex Web tonight: I’m wearing the mesh Latex Gown 2.0, and lelo’s wearing Lil’ Black Dress. You’ll...

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Entree Woozy - Darkadia and Tokyo Girl Collide and make art.

The new store as I first saw it, new, raw and unexpected. 

I know Mai loves to build, and loves to change things around. And I'm TORN!

I love to have great places to shoot and I do love variety.. but oh my GODDESS! When Mai is inspired, the pixils fly! I've learned to grab shots while I can, for It May Not Be Here Tomorrow. Somehow she's learned  mesh design in the middle of a sim rebuild... it makes me tired. Now, I might grumble about being elderly and set in my ways at this point - but quite frankly, I don't think I was ever like that, and in many ways, I feel younger and more open to new things than I was *cough* years ago. 

Anyway, despite the occasional disorientation, I've loved to shoot my pictures in Darkadia for years now. I used to sneak in - I'm not at all social - and find things to shoot against. Eventually, I ran into Mai - I may actually have tripped over her hogied form - and the rest, as they say, is history. It was gradual, as all good things are.. in my incremental opinion.

That, or Mai knows my weakness - "No sudden moves, regular offers of eye-candy."

Anyway, seeing as Brigadoon Station has more posts about LWi items than my own works, it really seems reasonable for me to start blogging here. Shooting and boxing my OWN things is Work, and therefore Not Fun, you see. And every once in a while I realize that is indeed what I'm in Second Life for - it's supposed to be fun. Hard fun some days, but all interesting fun has a bit of grinding involved.

Little Black Dress

A fun set to showcase another of our new outfits. Set in sensual and hot locations showing Latex Web Inc's Little Black Dress, the outfit is i-Ready for prim breasts. You can find the complete set at:

Hope you enjoy them :)

mai's Blog: Lust in the Dust

mai's Blog: Lust in the Dust: Zomg... I am sooo looking forward to the holidays now hehe... I'm actually starting to DREAM in Photoshop lol... who knew that nightmares co...

New Logo, New Landmark

Just a quick post to highlight Latex Web Inc's new logo. I think Mai did a wonderful job here and hope you like it as much as we do.

We also wanted to highlight the fact that the landmark and location for the main entrance to our store has shifted from earlier in the year. Please use the following SLURL when heading over to Latex Web Inc: