Saturday, December 15, 2012

Calling All Naiads!

Mai Nijan has installed a beautiful large tank in the middle of the new store with an invitation to all  who may be mer-curious to try becoming an Darkadian Naiad. 

Darkadia is a beautiful and ever-changing place. One of my favourite things to do is to take pictures of friends and strangers in the midst of it.

I logged into Darkadia and noticed that my friend, Sally the Mermaid was online. I know that Sally has all things mermaid, including a great deal of LWI latex and I know she loves posing. I don't shoot enough of her, and I knew we needed naiad images.
(And yes, that DOES mean there are new naiad products in the LWI pipeline!)

summoned her to play and pulled a profile image out of the results. It seemed the least I could do for an hour of being relatively unmolested - which is not exactly what she comes to SL for. And I liked the outcome well enough to do another.

I looked through the shots that I'd taken more or less randomly through the lag and the random actions of our AO's ... and I found something else worth working with. It was good enough to sign my name to, I think. And there are probably more. Indeed, I really must go through the images I have shot at Darkadia over the years, put them on prims and box them up. One of the things I really dislike is walking into a home or a club and seeing some badly-stolen photo or painting on the wall when it should be easy to find art and photography made in second life to fit Second Life.

I have a rather short list of place I go to make artwork. It needs to be adult, for one, for I loathe having to think about nudity while shooting. Naughty bits may be seen as outfits are changed right on the poseballs or the pose huds and it's time consuming enough without dancing around the prudes of SL. And I do like it to be kink-friendly, but more importantly, it must be beautifully made. Even if it's grungy and scary looking - I do need those too. But what I lack the most at the moment are wonderful pastoral locations.

It's difficult to keep track of beautiful places to take pictures of beautiful things, for places come and go. I would appreciate it very much if you would suggest a place to shoot. I shall make a point to go and look, and it may well become an artwork, or go into my collection of teleportals and artwork on display at Brigadoon Station. Or you can find my portal art venders at Darkadia, just where you teep in - and a portion of all proceeds goes to support the sim.

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