Saturday, December 1, 2012


Entree Woozy - Darkadia and Tokyo Girl Collide and make art.

The new store as I first saw it, new, raw and unexpected. 

I know Mai loves to build, and loves to change things around. And I'm TORN!

I love to have great places to shoot and I do love variety.. but oh my GODDESS! When Mai is inspired, the pixils fly! I've learned to grab shots while I can, for It May Not Be Here Tomorrow. Somehow she's learned  mesh design in the middle of a sim rebuild... it makes me tired. Now, I might grumble about being elderly and set in my ways at this point - but quite frankly, I don't think I was ever like that, and in many ways, I feel younger and more open to new things than I was *cough* years ago. 

Anyway, despite the occasional disorientation, I've loved to shoot my pictures in Darkadia for years now. I used to sneak in - I'm not at all social - and find things to shoot against. Eventually, I ran into Mai - I may actually have tripped over her hogied form - and the rest, as they say, is history. It was gradual, as all good things are.. in my incremental opinion.

That, or Mai knows my weakness - "No sudden moves, regular offers of eye-candy."

Anyway, seeing as Brigadoon Station has more posts about LWi items than my own works, it really seems reasonable for me to start blogging here. Shooting and boxing my OWN things is Work, and therefore Not Fun, you see. And every once in a while I realize that is indeed what I'm in Second Life for - it's supposed to be fun. Hard fun some days, but all interesting fun has a bit of grinding involved.

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