Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Art begets New Art

An Moist and Fluid Fate
An Moist and Fluid Fate - click to view it at a proper size

 I am learning to embrace change - though it is never comfortable for me, it does bring new beauties inspire me So we have new things to share with you. Like this new artwork, which you will be able to see in my new gallery area in the tower. (Just teleport to the Tower and walk up one level.)

These images were shot as I swam about in the new Hydrophidan area beneath the store. You are encouraged to explore, but to do so properly you will really need a Naiad outfit and a Mermaid AO.

If you happen to make latex mermaid outfits - or even more conventional ones - don't be shy about shooting here. But please let us know you have so we may know, admire and share.

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