Friday, February 1, 2013

A Big Step For Dee

My New Gallery (pg image)
My new space at The Fetish Lounge Mall, surrounded with other adult artists and creative designers. Bhadra's Fetish shop is just a few steps down the hall.
Taken at Fetish Lounge Mall, Lost Dreams Exclusive (126, 137, 4001)
I got a call from Bhadra to come to her shop and move my book vender - there had been a thing with land ownership and everyone needed to move suddenly.

In the process, this storefront - surrounded by other artists in an high-traffic fetish mall - became available. It's right at the teleport point. I could not overlook what an opportunity this was. I thought about it, dithered, looked to see who was online, decided to wait and ask others what they thought, slapped myself and let my impulse rule. For if I think too hard about the risks of selling myself, I will never do it.

But I would not object to some company in this space!

Chic Magnet Show
Works featuring
Smooching Serpents
products at Villareal.
Many thanks to Eve Light
for the use of this marvellous space. 
Darkadian Retrospective
An retrospective exhibit of works
I've created in Darkadia
featuring the native scenery and designs.
I  was surprised to see how difficult
it was to choose between the
artworks I had created here. 
Thinking that the products of my elegant perversions are worth framing and putting on sale is a bit scary. But it's the proper next step. It's really the only proper response to two very public kicks in the ass encouragements by very dear friends.

It's a step I may no longer avoid, for I do indeed have "a body of work," things that are not merely good enough to get by, or illustrate a blog, or perhaps engorge the nether parts due to the virtue (ahem) of the acts depicted, but because they are beautiful or say something I feel to be genuinely important.

Tunnel Vision
One of my more recent works, available in real life as a print through my Deviant Art account which I created after Mai Nijan wore me down.
Some contents of these galleries - particularly the books on display at Chic Magnet in Villareal - are not merely NSFW, they are intended to grasp you by the genitals and focus your attention on ideas I wish you to consider while in an vulnerable state.

I would of course love for you to visit each exhibit - they feature different works, and not all are yet for sale. But they will be, and of course if you let me know, I will gladly put the one you love on the top of my pile.

The works I do have for sale are the same everywhere, so please consider buying at Darkadia because a portion of the sale goes to rewarding those who have created so much inspiration for us all.

A significantly different version of this story was also posted at Brigadoon Station.

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