Sunday, April 7, 2013

Patience and Duty

"Patience and Duty" by M. DeNovo Broome

Darkadia isn't even officially open yet and I'm already inspired. This one turned out well enough that I made prints at Deviant Art.  I'm finally getting confident and patient enough with Firestorm's camera tools and my various image editing apps that I'm coming up with files that are genuinely worth hanging on your RL wall.

Although perhaps this one belongs in the boudoir... well, no, it's quite tasteful in it's charged and sexual way. Perhaps in the bar, or the billiards room.

My aim here is not to sell you prints (not that I'd mind if you bought one) it's to prove that it's possible to make salable, art quality, astonishingly beautiful artwork in SL and  that it can be and should be done at Darkadia! It's a strong suggestion that you should.... Mai. But not JUST her.

You as well, dear reader, you as well! "Why this is art, nor are you out of it!"
It seems appropriate to misquote Faust here...

SL is a wonderful medium for serious art, more and more are doing it as in-world decor and as a way of making physical "Legitimate Art."

That's a nonsensical concept, of course, but those are the sorts of words a girl has to use to get to the wine and cheese party. And in that vein.. or vain... we have two groups in which we brag. There's the original, Artists of Darkadia on Flickr. And now, we have a group on Deviant Art - The-Art-Of-Darkadia. Please do follow both and if you are an artist - we do hope you would like to contribute.

But if you are not an artist - S&m often stands for Stand and Model.

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