Friday, April 26, 2013

As promised, as hinted, as teased - the new Latex Web High Gloss Catsuit and more!

A Brand New Shine

A Brand New ShineThe new Latexweb "shine" is, I think comparable to any other designer in SL, if not an entirely new standard. No, that's not hype - if I have a single, predominant visual kink, it's "shine," and I'm picky.

It's being released in parallel with a version of the Gwen hood - and the mouth-gag-plug toy has been moved right to the front of the store. Could that be a hint about a good look for aspirant drones?

I honestly can't say but I am sure that  they will be treasured additions to your collection.

I have rocked the new shine in pictures and seen it from every angle.

It's now a standard and I can't wait for more colours - which are promised. The first will be the transparent catsuit with a matching gloss.

I'm the Oni Demon Here 3

Here's something we have seen, on and off at LWI for a year or more now as a dreadful tease is FINALLY in the venders. I expect to find this in RLV folders soon!

  The Gummi Sack

At 400L, need I even word this as a hint? Well, yes. I should because I'm not a paydomme, - but I'm sure you have paid more to get less. It's something you would have expected to have to go to Hybridz for - but at home, supporting your favorite sim.

Edit: More on this from Mai, via her personal blog.

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