Saturday, June 1, 2013

Darkadia, now with extra inspiration.

An Orientalist Fantasy Framed
Eliza Maiman & DeNovo Broome in the Shibari Garden

I'm wearing the LW Tranceptor 2013 - having shed some parts and added a classic Plausible Body "Opacity" underlayer in red. (50%, I think) Thanks to the lighting it's almost modest and the colour is off, but I love matching the cherry-blossoms to my own.

 PB's Open Pricing model gave me my first favorite set of go-to latex, I still have it, still use it and still drag newbs there. Roslynd Turbo runs it and is one of the quietly generous people who make SL worthwhile.

"Get this, this, that, those pumps go with everything, tip the nice jar," I say as I slip another hundred or so in myself. And as you see, it still rocks - it's not so much latex as it seems to be skin-tight tight vinyl, but I like that.

It complements so many other outfits. And they do have many! Goddess, it's mix and match heaven, just like Latex Web.

 Eliza is wearing the Bamboo Blue Kimono by Rag Dollz.. RD is Eliza's favorite place in the whole of Second Life and I frequent it myself. They seem to have something for any possible situation or RP - even for the likes of me, though it's depressingly G-Rated. As you can see, their Kimono are quite good; I have one too. A Kimono AO is a good investment and it will complement many Latex Web outfits.

 Do remember to ensure that you have panties on when you go to Rag Dollz Island! I must admit I've forgotten, mis-remembering that a particular outfit. I was wearing had a system skirt and did NOT include panties! Thank you, Bhadra! Blush!

 This was shot in the Shibari Garden on the roof of the new club at Darkadia, I'm about to upload it to SL and hang it in the club.

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